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Excel Based Events Scheduler

I have been facing a challenge to align the schedules of all my teams consistently in most of the fast paced projects I have managed. ... Read More


COVID-19 - Data Usage, Dashboard Visualization & APIs

Of course there is a infestation of sorts of well-intended COVID-19 dashboards, and data sources across the world. I waited to look at the right dataset to enhance without relying too heavily on data ... Read More


Tyk API Gateway with Windows and Docker

Tyk Open Source API Gateway is one of the better alternatives if you are looking to layer your APIs with a gateway for metering, security, channel and everything else you want to gain control of. ... Read More


This Brain Tickles

A normal start to an unexceptional day fraught with the prevalence of a looming despair; it is indeed a Monday! ... Read More


Swaying views of our past

I now find this post naive with sprinkles of cringe, nonetheless interesting!... Read More