March 11, 2018

Tyk Open Source API Gateway is one of the better alternatives if you are looking to layer your APIs with a gateway for metering, security, channel and everything else you want to gain control of.

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There is a limitation, however, if you prefer to use Windows OS environment. I managed to bring Tyk up working on Windows using Docker. I prefer Docker with Windows accessed through a nice UI thrown in by Kitematic. There are, however, a few tweaks to be made for the whole otherwise out-of-the-box process.


It essentially is a wonderful API gateway for management, be it for audits, metering, security and numerous other cases that make sense diverse needs. Being open source and community supported brings its own limitations that have to be dealt with:

1. Restricted transformation, channeling and consolidation

2. Cannot directly change the format - real-time or otherwise of API requests

3. Keeping in mind these constraints, the following powershell script can directly be used to setup Windows environment for Tyk.


docker ps
docker-machine ls
PS C:\Users\${username}\tyk_quickstart> .\tyk-ps-setup.ps1
Docker host address explicitly set.
Using as Tyk host address.

Creating Organisation
ORG ID: 5a4289b2f1f7a500013xxxxx
Adding new user
USER AUTH: 3dd88c2e0df04aa955e587c8955xxxxx
USER ID: xxxxx9b268cd2f04f15ae290

Setting password
Setting up the portal domain
Setting up the Portal catalogue
Setting target URL for Portal APIs
Creating the Portal Home page


Login at
Password: test123
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