June 01, 2011

I now find this post naive with sprinkles of cringe, nonetheless interesting!

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It is indeed difficult to argue over the mainstream ideas of evolution of human civilizations; not only for the continual condescending arguments backed by their (mainstream historians) extensive million-pages theses, but more so for some well-known facts – the diversity in ancient dwellings, cultures, society, literature and for their spread across the geography. These civilizations could not be generalized to any common predecessor(s) but rather the adaptations of their environments and surroundings and logically did not seem to have any one thing common (other than the incidents attributed to sheer coincidences).

In the meantime, a parallel school of thought has evolved. Certain sects of historians and theorists have established concrete evidences that many a times crush the basics of history and arguably help gain an open-minded perspective and a commonality around the folklore; irrespective of the differences in cultures. Such is a group of historians/thinkers recognized as Ancient Astronaut (AA) theorists.

AA and similar theories - tagged under pseudoscience for all their purposes - delve into the antiquity to gather all kinds of evidence that challenge the human establishment and rhetorically fill the gaps of lesser researched subjects of our antiquity. The technological prowess of the ancient civilizations and their ability to create evidences which have stood the test of time. These evidence shout intensely of something inexplicable prevalent in the ancient times, which we to this date do not understand completely. Moreover, farmers, artisans and craftsmen of the past leading uncomplicated lives went ahead to build the Pyramids, Stonehenge, mysterious Inca’s precursory city of Tiahuanaco. What we are left is with the monuments and megalithic structures staring right down at us daring us to solve this age-old puzzle to which we do not seem to put our fingers on – an attempt now undertaken by AA no matter how far-fetched the ideas be. The very basis of AA is theorizing extra terrestrial visitations in the past as the answer to all inexplicable ancient affairs. Though claimed audacious, AA theories present interesting explanations to most of the happenings of the past which still are/were shrouded in a cloak of mystery.

Great Pyramid of Giza

An astounding feat of ancient architecture and oldest of the wonders of the ancient world. This pyramid structure is believed to be built around 2500 BC by the fourth dynasty Egyptian rulers.

This could not have dated back considering the official onset date of recorded history being as close of 5000-6000 years old with the oldest recorded civilization of Sumer emerged around 4500 BC. This magnificent engineering marvel was built in an age where technology and tools were scarce. In fact, no tools per se have been recovered from countless archaeological excavations in and around the Giza Plateau. To duplicate the feats of such master craftsmen is impossible even in today’s era of global technology advances.

The more curious fact is the ‘mis’-alignment of the three pyramids at Giza Necropolis. What was quite evident from the recovered hieroglyphs was astronomy appealed to ancient Egyptians (and all other ancient civilizations) specifically the alignments of and around the Orion constellation.

Another evident fact is that the pyramid builders were the masters at what they did – everything with precision. Thus, it is hard to understand this misalignment of the 3 pyramids along a linear arrangement – unless we look back to 11th millennium BC alignment of the stars of the Orion constellation. Why such obsession with Orion? Why 11th Millennium BC when the world was still under the last ice-age? Were there any extra-terrestrial visitors from Orion galactic federations to influence earthlings of that epoch?

Another curious fact about the Giza pyramid was the usage of ‘Pi’ (π) in the dimensions of this great structure . Simply put, regarding height of the Great Pyramid as the radius of a circle, the pyramid’s perimeter equates to the circumference of this circle. How was this value incorporate in a megalithic structure centuries before its (pi’s) discovery by the Greeks? Or was there an extra terrestrial intelligence at play?

The most remarkable fact surrounding the dimensions of the pyramid is its relation to the dimensions of our own planet as shown below:

Pyramid’s Height  = 481.3949 ft

Pyramid’s Height x 43,200 = 3938.685 miles (+11 Miles give you the earth’s polar radius – as calculated by or ultra modern methods)

Pyramid’s Perimeter = 3023.16 ft

Pyramid’s Perimeter x 43,200 = 24,734.94 miles (+170 Miles give you the earth’s circumference – if Earth’s equatorial ‘obesity’ is ignored then the difference is merely worth a mention)

Such accurate dimensions of our northern hemisphere transcribed into the literal dimensions of a Megalithic structure of our past cannot be blamed to mere chance, but is a standing testimony of the astounding knowledge our predecessors possessed which we to this day fail to comprehend.

It is pertinent to note here the figure 43,200 holds consistency in both the equations above. Why 43,200 and why not any other random numbers – 58, 67890, 65000, 740089 and so on? The answer lies entirely in the skies above.

Precessional Code

In the most simplified terms, precession of the equinoxes is due to a perpetual shift of our planet’s rotational axis. Thus,

Total number of constellations in the zodiac = 12

Number of degrees allocated along the ecliptic to a single constellation = (360/12) = 30

Number of years required by the equinoctial sun to shift by 1 degree = 72

To cross across 2 constellations for the equinoctial sun (60 degrees) = 72 x 60 = 4320

Not only Egyptians, even the famous calendar Mayan’s groups earth days together in these formulas:

1 Katun = 7200 days

1 Tun = 360 days

6 Katuns = 43,200 days

Unsurpassed number in any context of precessions is 72 to which many a times 36 (half a degree precessional shift) is added making 108 another significant numeral.

Hindu texts dictate the precessional concept through a beautiful story of ‘Samudra Manthan‘ – or ‘Churning the Milky Ocean’ in the quest of ‘Amrita’ (nectar of immortality). But more astounding is the significance of Orion (referred to as Kal-Purush) and precessional numbers in various Hindu religious contexts. For instance, 10800 bricks of Agnicayana doesn’t seem to be a coincidence when tied with the fact that Rigveda has 10800 stanzas in all. Moreover, each stanza has 40 syllables making the entire Rigveda text to hold exactly 432,000 syllables. This commonality between 2 far-off civilizations of the ancient epochs cannot be a mere chance.

Another common and famous episode of Noah’s Ark in the Book of Genesis talks about a worldwide deluge with engulfed the entire planet and Noah was instructed to build an Ark. He was instructed by God himself to carry all the living species on Earth in the refuge of his Ark to re-populate this planet once the deluge settles. Similar flood-deluge stories are prevalent in many religious texts round the world. Such is the story of Manu who was instructed by ‘Matsya Avatara‘ of Lord Vishnu and thus built a huge boat to preserve his family, 9 types of seeds and animals to repopulate the Earth. There is a parallel school of thought to pin-point the eerie similarities of the stories, not accepting them as myths but look back in history for such an apocalyptic flooding of the entire world and we go back to 11th millennium BC to 7000 BC when the ice-age was nearing its end. The entire planet was engulfed in massive floods. Can it be that our myths point to some single most important event, stories passed on from generations and cultures but with a common message?

An interesting theory from AA theory proponents has emerged pointing out that any boat cannot hold an infinite count of species of the animals along with the humans. Thus, if myths are to be believed, it might be only possible to capture the DNA samples from these species and preserve them on a seaworthy boat. And where could this technology have come from? It might very well be ‘other-worldly’! A bit far-fetched, nevertheless this theory dares to consider the unimaginable even in the modern day context of technology.

The Ancient Architecture

‘Vastu Shastra‘ is an ancient science practiced in old and modern day India. It directs how law of nature affect human constructions.

Ancient temples and constructions did/do follow the ancient geometric and mathematical formulas. Vastu aligns art and architecture constituent properties of Air, Earth, Fire, Space and Water. Vastu compliant constructions are considered special because they are supposed to resonate with the Earth’s and Cosmic energies. It is believed that these temples were thus used to attain a higher level of human consciousness and communicate to the Gods. An ancient Hindu saint ‘Mamuni Mayan‘ is accredited to have laid the foundations of Vastu some 10,000 years ago. Is this a myth, or Mamuni Mayan was in fact the other-worldly source behind the complex and universally accepted science? How was the world aware of such a complex and sophisticated science and technology thousands and thousands of years ago?

Even references (and detailed explanations) to ‘Vimanas‘ in ‘Mahabharata‘ and ‘Vedas‘ suggest that the ancient man had the ability of space-flight. Today. Vastu technology is used in many scientific endeavors including aerospace, weaponry and arguably can be used to energize our space-ships. All this achieved by harnessing the Earth’s energy and of its surroundings.

Can this be the proof of ancient technology being far more superior and that humans still find it impossible to duplicate the feats of the ancients despite our numerous theories and efforts? We just need to keep an open mind.

The same argument holds its ground in case of ‘Piri Reis’ maps of the ancient world. Compiled in 1513 AD from military intelligence by the Turkish admiral Piri Reis. These maps, however are stated to have been compiled from other ‘older’, prehistoric resources. Even then, the reasonable accuracy with which these borderline the continents is remarkable, but the most remarkable aspect is the outlining of the continent of Antarctic coastline before it was covered in ice – Antarctic continent was officially discovered in 1820. How can such remarkable accomplishments be existent in an age and place when there was supposedly no human civilization? Is it possible for the earlier map-builders and cartographers to have the technology of flight which empowered to sketch the planets topography with such an accuracy?

Modern day Crop Circles

This phenomena is no longer a secret, not spared either by hoaxers and pranksters. However some cases still hold their credibility and their prominence of being inexplicable. One of the most interesting events occurred in 2001 with a crop circle appearing next to Britain’s largest radio telescope. Aerial view of this crops circle showed the design’s similarity to a data-strip. And within no time, it was realized it is somewhat similar to 1974 signal sent to space by Carl Sagan from NASA through the Arecibo telescope. 2001 message through a crop-circle was a similar one except some significant differences.

Stonehenge is an important part of that antiquity: Photo credit cyberpurge.com

The message sent to space in 1974 contains the parts highlighted in the adjacent image:

Decimal Number pattern – Showing 1-10
Dominant element – Carbon
Human DNA Code and Structure
Average human height and population
Inhabited 3rd planet of our solar system
Image of the Arecibo radio telescope

The crops circle formation possesses fundamental differences:

Decimal Number pattern – Showing 1-10
Dominant element – Silicon
DNA Code with an extra strand
Average height – 4 ft and population – 21.3 billion
Inhabited 4th, 5th and 6th planets of  the solar system
Some complex image of a radio telescope

On a closer examination, radio telescope image in Arecibo ‘Response’ resembles a crop formation at the same place an year ago of the response formation. Could this be the sender’s image of the radio telescope? And more importantly, is this a genuine response from an intelligent source capable enough to intercept human space-signal and respond with some significant information of its own? Such complex structures in the form of a crop formation are hard to miss, and judging by the complexity, difficult to be a work of hoaxers.

In 2002, a strange crop-circle appeared on nearly the same day as the data-strip response the previous year. This time, it had an unmistakable extra-terrestrial being’s face with an adjacent print. Appeared to be a coded data, this message was deciphered after a thorough image analysis. While doing so, there were mistakes and irregularities spotted in the entire message. After the complete count of the appearing spiral bands, 8 bytes’ count was evidently clear, hence the conclusion to a binary code. Converting the message to ASCII gave away the deciphered message, which read:

Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. (Damaged Word). There is GOOD out there.We OPpose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING (BELL SOUND)

What was this message trying to convey? Who were the senders? Why and how did they cause such formation?

Are all these cases, contradicting the very fiber of the modern human establishment, not worthy enough for a serious investigation? Do we not deserve more answers from the mainstream holding an indisputable dominance over every possible idea thrown at them? Do evidences of something out-of-ordinary of this sort not hold enough importance to catch some part of media coverage? Are the numerous astounding abilities of the ancients forever lost to time?

We all want the answers, the answers we might never get!

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