February 05, 2015

A normal start to an unexceptional day fraught with the prevalence of a looming despair; it is indeed a Monday!

Spicy tortellini at Café Intermezzo - Avalon Alpharetta GA Spicy tortellini at Café Intermezzo - Avalon Alpharetta GA

Rest of the Story:

Nagging thoughts of weekend’s delicacy-indulgence do not seem to lose their hold and nothing seems louder in my head than a resounding question of what feels so wrong. “Did I eat too much?” Semi-pretentiously I shrug this thought off and look around with an invincible look; not for long though. “It was too much, wasn’t it! Urgh..” And so I set off another week in self-loathing.

Half-way through Monday, these thoughts of self-hatred transform themselves into self-pity when a sudden focus-shift as my eyes ogle over at this guy's pictures on Social Media next to Aamir Khan, in London. How come this man, once a friend before he decided to betray the entire humanity, is always at the right place at the right time? Who gives these “superior” humans the right to pour every second of their amazing lives in front of the entire realm? And why am I deprived of a fancy click with a glamorous celebrity? Wait till I meet Mr. Anna Hazare in person (or grow Wolverine claws).

Time for a Monday afternoon snack!

Monday snacks are always amazing; these little nuggets of happiness after a day packed with hard-fought face-to-face repeated encounters with the reality. The table-talks do as good to the soul as “samosas” do to the belly! Now the talks have taken an intellectual turn when the theme of the conversation suddenly is the inevitable - the apocalypse! Citing latest developments on brand new prophecies, this discussion is going nowhere – and a good time for another brain-tickle. Blame it on my past interests on the subject matter, I somehow had this idea in my big head that when the time of human extinction arrives, I would as a matter of course, survive. Can’t stop myself from framing a far-fetched hypothesis of being the lone survivor of a worldwide cataclysm, the father of a brand new cycle of earth’s ultimate future. Too far-fetched? Maybe, but enough to spring up from a tedious mood to a slight-smile. Much distress over nothing! Well it's time to feel good and head home.

Driving back, volume all turned up and spirits all lifted due to a reason now though blurry – nevertheless an important reason. I stand by an unfailing presumption now; when Aamir Khan conjectures “All is well” formula he is definitely talking about his brain equation, not his heart. Anyway, why would a blood-pumping organ need comforting when its the Brain that Tickles!


A sudden bump on the road. Did I hit a stray animal? It may have very well been a piece junk bouncing up against the wheels. But what if it wasn’t? I certainly shouldn’t have entertained the idea of loud music, it's dark outside for crying out loud! I halt for a moment, gauge my vicinity and ensuring every human behavior to be normal, every entity in their original shape and form I try to put my mind a little at ease. This sudden mental wreck wears all the chiming, musical excitement off and with a heavy head I step out of the car, and knock at the door. There she is, the wife, the savior to whom I am about to dump all of my heavy thoughts bolting through this brain. As I open my mouth to unleash this demon of a brain upon a poor soul standing right in front I hear the works – “Have you gained weight lately?”

“Huh?? You don’t say!!”

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